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Disappointment wrapped in hope

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Disappointment wrapped in hope, originally uploaded by speedvegan.

Today’s adjustment (#18 for those keeping track) was downright disappointing. Normally, the doctor and his helpers use orthodontic jargon around me and my neurosis soars as I try to figure out what they’re trying to say in plain English. Today, the doctor was quite obviously less than pleased with the latest panoramic xray and for once I didn’t have to know what he was saying to understand why. Thereon the computer screen were my top outermost molars pointing in opposite directions and not at all where they are supposed to be more than two years into this ordeal. The “helper” kept flipping back and forth between the current and previous xrays and mumbling “what happened ?” So, out comes the top wire which can pass for a miniature model of some scary roller coaster at this point though apparently not scary enough since the ortho then added even more bends to it. He also did something to a couple of brackets and added not one but two (TWO) power chains over a few of the outside molars. It’s painful and he didn’t even give me a “popcorn day” estimate. Color me frustrated. At least I got one of the good “helpers.” She was very nice and offered some really nice words of encouragement, so at least there’s that.

I was hoping for a de-bracing day before Geoffrey’s birthday trip to NZ in August, but with my next appointment scheduled at the end of July, I have to admit that might be a lot unrealistic. Le sigh.

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2010 Freedom 5k

June 26, 2010 9 comments

Time 23:22 | Pace 7:32 | Age Group 2/?

Mile 1: 7:16
Mile 2: 7:27
Mile 3: 7:42

I was very relaxed during my run today. I almost felt like I wasn’t trying hard enough during the first mile. Around the second mile mark, I started to get my routine side stitch. I still haven’t figured out what causes that, but someday I will !

Geoffrey broke set a new PR today with a 22:45 finish ! Go Geoffrey go !

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6.18 – 6.24

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment
Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6.18 6.19 6.20 6.21 6.22 6.23 6.24
1h 15m
Sprint Triathlon run
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Dinner: Couscous and veggies

June 22, 2010 1 comment

Dinner, originally uploaded by speedvegan.

An old favorite and an awesome newly discovered wine. Perfect.

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Triathletes. You have to be one to understand one.

June 22, 2010 3 comments

A conversation with my loving partner:

[3:14:01 PM] Liz:
[3:14:10 PM] Geoff: how much?
[3:14:52 PM] Liz: 200
[3:18:12 PM] Geoff: bloody hell!
[3:18:20 PM] Geoff: for a water bottle?
[3:21:35 PM] Liz: it’s a drinking system
[3:21:38 PM] Liz: not a water bottle.

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2010 Key Biscayne Sprint Triathlon #1

June 20, 2010 8 comments

Time 1:10:58 | Overall 257/649 | Gender 47/180 | Age Group 5/14

The first tri of the season is always the hardest for me. It’s difficult to “get my feet wet” after a few months away from the race scene, but once I jump in, I remember why I love this sport so much and get psyched about the rest of the season.

SWIM | .25mi | 10:01

It’s surprising that, despite not having spent any time in the pool recently, I didn’t feel an ounce of anxiety before the swim this morning. It was actually one of the better swims I’ve had. I managed to cling on to the back of the pack, which is not typical. My time was still one of the worst, but I’m happy to be making progress in the “staying calm” department.

Happy to be done with the swim !

T1 + BIKE | 10mi | 35:12

The bike portion was the big disappointment of the day – another surprise since this is usually where I excel. The actual bike times are not available because something went wrong with the “bike out” sensor, but I know mine couldn’t have been very impressive. My legs just didn’t feel up to the task today. There was a very strong tailwind on the way out which I didn’t take full advantage of and I struggled on the way back in. I need to spend more time on the bike. I also need to get my bike properly adjusted. I feel incredibly uncomfortable and inefficient on it.

Finishing the bike leg

T2 | 1:18

RUN | 3.1mi | 24:27

The run was amazing. No shocker there since that’s where I’ve been spending most of my energy recently. After healing from the marathon earlier this year, I’ve been concentrating on shorter quality runs following the FIRST program. It’s definitely been improving my runs overall. I actually felt like I could have pushed even harder today which is good to know for the next event in the Trilogy.

Crossing the finish line

I can’t say I am thrilled with my performance today, but it was a good start to the season.

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6.11 – 6.17

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment
Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6.11 6.12 6.13 6.14 6.15 6.16 6.17
rest run
rest run
rest bike
– – –
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