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2011 FAU Sprint Triathlon

Time 1:15:08 | Age Group 9/29

I did this race for the first time four years ago. Since then, it has coincided with other events so I haven’t been able to race it again until this year. Being my first race of the season, performance was anything but optimal. Actually, after being on a swim/bike hiatus for about five months and not running much since I injured my back in February, I wasn’t expecting much. Taking past races and this particular course into account, I thought a 1:10 finish was doable. I was slightly off and, again, I have to blame the swim.

SWIM | .25mi | 18:35

You’re probably asking yourself “can she really be THAT slow ?” I like to think no. The swim course seemed much longer than usual. There was also a bit of a current. Then there was the long trek back to transition. These three things combined made for what appears to be the slowest quarter mile swim in history. Actually, some of the best swimmers who are normally first out of the water had longer swim times as well, so I think it was pretty bad all around. The good news is that I was totally calm the whole time, especially given the size of my wave, and I was NOT last out of the water. There’s a chance I’ve finally become one with my inferior swimming ability. Le sigh…

Let’s not do that again.

T1 | 2:09

My feet were still covered in sand when I got back to transition but I just slipped my socks and shoes on and kept going. I’m telling you this because it will factor in later.

BIKE | 10mi | 27:36

Surprisingly, I totally rocked the bike. I tested the bike this morning to make sure everything was OK. I thought I’d feel the usual unsteadiness after being out of the saddle for so long, but I didn’t. Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect during the actual race. It was pretty calm this morning, another rarity since it’s been insanely windy lately. I took off and managed to hang an even 21-22mph most of the way. My legs felt good. I played the catch up game with another girl on the course, but eventually lost her. During the last mile back to transition, I felt my legs start to ache a bit and worried I’d blown them out for the run. I coasted in and couldn’t believe my time.

Off the bike and smiling, of course !

T2 | 1:19

My transition spot was all the way on the other side which sucked. Still, I managed a good T2 time. This was one of the most disorganized races I’ve ever done. The transition area wasn’t even closed off. There were people walking through with strollers, etc. Despite the huge risks, it was nice for Geoffrey who got to spectate from within for once !

RUN | 3.1mi | 25:31

I thought I was going to kill the run. Even though I haven’t been running much, every run I’ve done has been strong and felt really good. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my watch. Of course, having it wouldn’t have helped because there were no mile markers anywhere. In fact, the lack of signs at this race was severe. My legs felt fine, but I had this strange pain in the middle of my chest, almost like heartburn. Actually, it was probably heartburn. I’ve been so stressed out lately that I’m quite shocked Geoffrey hasn’t committed me to a mental hospital yet. I guess I must have taken off too fast because I started to cramp up at the turn around point. The pain became so intense that I actually had to stop for a few seconds. I felt like I was crawling through quicksand after that. In the end I was ecstatic with my run time because it seriously felt MUCH longer than that.

Done !

I’ve made my peace with the swim, but I really wish I would’ve had a stronger run today. I felt solid otherwise. I think it’s definitely time to focus on longer distances. Next up is an Oly on May 15th. Time to start hitting the pool again, right after the sand-induced blister on my ankle heals. That’s a subtle tip for all young players out there. ;-)

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  1. debs
    April 18, 2011 at 08:54

    if it’s any consolation – a few people i know wore garmins during the swim and reported the course as about 0.4 mi … not 0.25 …

    ironically, that’s me right in front of you coming out of the water!

    • April 23, 2011 at 08:38

      What a coincidence !!

      Thanks for letting me know. It felt much longer than normal ! I’m one of the world’s slowest swimmers, so I’m very sensitive to the length of the swim.

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