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Thirteen Things Thursday

March 3, 2011 Leave a comment

1. The reason why there haven’t been any Three Things Thursday posts lately is due to a severe lack of time, definitely not for lack of material. So, hopefully this will make up for it.

2. The new job is going really well. I think I started at a good time. Unfortunately, one of the build servers had just died. Fortunately, I got to help out with the re-build and learned a whole lot in the process. Plus, I got to work in the downtown office, which is minutes from home, for a week. Yay !

3. The 20 mile run before the Marathon was absolutely horrible. I ran 6 miles on my own and then 4 with Geoffrey. By mile 9, I was ready to quit. I honestly didn’t think I could continue. I stopped for a bit and then ran the rest of the way home where I drank some water and had a gel. Without giving it much thought, I just ran out again. The last few miles were brutal and my pace was completely off, but I made it. Still, I was disappointed and I carried that disappointment with me until marathon day. I may have driven Geoffrey a bit crazy, actually, as I kept bringing it up randomly. :-(

4. The Marathon, fortunately, wasn’t the nightmare I thought it would be and although I didn’t meet my time goal, I set a PR and had a rockin’ good time. But you already knew that. :-) The Marathon aftermath hasn’t been as rockin’. A couple of days after the race, I started feeling some pain in the lower right side of my back which got progressively worse. I could barely walk, let alone run. Actually, any kind of vigorous activity makes the pain flare up. Since my healthcare benefits don’t kick in until April 1, I am taking it easy, lest I do something that requires a trip to the ER. I have no idea what it could be, but Ibruprofen seems to help a little. We shall see.

5. Ironically enough, we went away to Orlando this past weekend for a running workshop. It was my Xmas gift to Geoffrey last year and it sounds like he really enjoyed it. While he was workshop-ing away, I was working hard on relaxing which included an 80 minute massage. The massage actually helped my back. I am considering getting another one this weekend.

6. The Spinning class I teach is the only exercise I’ve been getting and it’s bloody painful. So, although I had decided to keep teaching for a little while longer, I am going to drop my class as soon as I find a sub.

7. Although work is going really well, a somewhat disheartening thing happened on my THIRD day at the job – my boss and his boss were laid off. I was completely shocked, worried and scared. It was like deja vu. In the end it turned out to be a small re-org. Of course, one never knows, but so far so good (knock on wood !).

8. Speaking of which, this Friday, a group of ex-eDieters are getting together for a mini-reunion. It should be… interesting. :-)

9. My braces finally have an “off” date – April 25th. I’m excited, of course, but there are a few minor issues I’d like to discuss with my orthodontist before he rips all the fixins out of my mouth. I’ve scheduled an appointment for late March to discuss these “issues” with him and hope that there is time to fix them. I really want my braces off, but I want my bite to be right much, much more.

10. Geoffrey and I are planning a trip after my braces come off. The purpose of this trip will be to eat so we’re considering NYC or San Fran. SO excited. Nom nom nom.

11. The day before I started my new job, I got a facial. I hardly ever get them and to be honest, they sort of freak me out, but I actually enjoyed this one. It was most purifying.

12. I am finally done paying off my student loans. That’s one long road I’m happy to be off of. It’s one of those milestones I never thought I’d reach. In fact, I’m still in denial though I do feel quite liberated. Big sigh. :-)

13. On that note, I think I want an iPad 2. Heh.

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Three Things Thursday

February 3, 2011 3 comments

1. I had a fantastic race on Sunday. It was a PR for me, but the best part was how good I felt throughout the entire race. With all the exciting things going on this week, I haven’t been able to finish writing my race report yet but I will soon !

2. I accepted an offer today and will probably start working again in a few weeks. I will be managing web applications for a huge Fortune 500 company with over 19,000 employees which is definitely a first for me. The benefits alone are amazing and it will provide stability during these bad economic times. More details next week.

3. Coincidentally, there is a wine tasting event at Sublime tonight. I have to sub a Spinning class, but will fly over there as soon as I’m done with it and showered. We’re also staying for a celebratory dinner with our lovely friend Bee who is in town. Can’t wait !

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Three Things Thursday

January 27, 2011 2 comments

1. I had two technical interviews today which went so well I can hardly contain my excitement. I was so nervous about them and fearing the worst, but in the end, everything worked out. I heart one company more than the other, but both positions would be challenging in their own way. One was a second interview while the other called me back for a personal interview on Monday. Next week is shaping up to be very exciting !

2. I miss celebrating good times with Geoffrey. It’s not the same when he’s a million miles away. On the plus side, I’m having a great time with the pets ! Also, my lovely friend Bee is in town and we’re going to dinner and a movie (Blue Valentine) tomorrow night. It’s like a girl’s night, though, as she well put it, we won’t be “braiding each other’s hair and doing manicures.”

3. One of the instructors at the gym is away on vacation for a month, so I’ve taken on all of his classes. The downside is I have to teach the day after my Half Marathon this Sunday and the day after my Full Marathon in February. I’m wishfully thinking it will be OK. The upside, apart from all the exercise, is the extra ca$h. Oh, by the way, I’m running the ING Miami Half Marathon this weekend and hoping for a PR. So exciting !

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Three Things Thursday

January 13, 2011 2 comments

1. I’m feeling better ! I still sound like someone who needs to quit smoking, but the worst has passed. My head is clear and I can finally breath again ! I even went for a short run last night. It was painfully exhilarating.

2. Although the cold delayed my job search a bit, I still have a few things lined up for next week. It’s exciting and scary all at once.

3. I’m so happy for all the people I worked closely with who were laid off with me. It sounds like they’ll have new awesome jobs very soon.

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Three Things Thursday

January 6, 2011 2 comments

1. I was laid off yesterday. It wasn’t a surprise. I’ve been prepping for this day, realistically, for a year now. Unfortunately, the severance situation has been deteriorating with each round of layoffs over the past two years. During this particular round, we were given nothing, not even a penny for good luck. There was one guy in the group who had been with the company for 10 years. Loyalty means nothing. Know that, kids.

2. I already have more leads than I have time to chase and support from friends has been outstanding. It’s times like this that separate true friends from people who just linger around your life. Real friends rock. Know that too.

3. Just when I was starting to feel better, Geoff’s throat started hurting. Now I have a sore throat and a foggy head again. On the plus side, I don’t have to go to work. Unfortunately, I can’t meet with potential future employers either. Bummer.

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Happy New Year !

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

I hope 2011 brings you all the wonderful things you wish for !!

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Change is *mostly* good.

December 29, 2010 3 comments

1. I’ve decided to change a few things around here. Starting next week, these posts will become Three Things Thursday posts. It’s common and it will be easier to be consistent when I only have to post the top three things going on in my life. Actually, it may be more challenging than easy.

I have also decided to change my training log posts from a Friday-Thursday cycle to a less obscure Monday-Sunday cycle. This is the cycle my Garmin Connect and Buckeye Outdoors accounts are set to so, again, it will make blogging easier, etc.

2. Our camping trip was great ! We had so much fun. It was borderline too cold the first night. Luka woke up with boogies all over her snout and breathing funny which gave us a big scare, but she was back to normal as soon as she warmed up. The next night was warmer, but we still wrapped her up in our picnic duvet which she seemed to love. We went for a nice walk on Saturday but our favorite part was roasting vegan marshmallows and making s’mores by an open fire. This time, we didn’t complicate things with too much food and a big giant cooler. We took canned soup, chili and some instant rice. The meals were quaint, but allowed us to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the actual camping experience.

I haven’t finished uploading all the photos, but here are a few that I took with my phone:

Geoffrey heating almond milk for coffee and hot chocolate. Mmm.

Geoffrey giving Luka a treat for being so good !

The park is filled with wildlife, especially armadillos. They’re quite tame.

3. I ended up trying the maple version of the pecan pie recipe I mentioned last week. It’s really delicious, but of course more maple-ish than traditional pecan pie. I’m not sure how I feel about using corn syrup, so I think I’m going to try Allison‘s recommendation for my next attempt.

4. Geoffrey and I opened presents on Friday morning before leaving for our camping trip.

All the presents ready to be opened !

It felt exciting and a bit naughty to open presents early and, at the same time, it was a bummer because we didn’t get to play with our new toys. :-( I was especially sad about the latter because Geoffrey got me a new All-Clad Belgian waffle iron !!! This is super exciting because a few years ago, when I decided I wanted a waffle iron, I opted for a cheap one. Back then I thought buying a waffle iron was like buying a new frying pan. Sure, there are different types, but how different could they possibly be ? Well, after experimenting with my cheap waffle iron and getting consistently below average results I decided to do some research. Original waffle irons were made out of, well, iron, but that’s not very practical these days. Fortunately, waffle irons are now made out of many different materials that produce comparable results. After a bit of looking around, I fell in love with the All-Clad 2-square waffle iron. It’s robust, yet compact enough to fit in our crowded kitchen and the best part if that it makes absolutely perfect Belgian waffles. I tried it out on Monday with a simple recipe and both Geoffrey and I were thrilled beyond words with them. So thrilled, actually, that we forgot to take pictures ! We’ll be making waffles again for New Year’s breakfast and will make sure to post some pictures then.

5. I’ve taken an almost week-long break from running because my feet started hurting after each run and kept getting worse as my marathon training long runs got longer. I have another long run coming up this weekend so I decided to cut back and give whatever was flaring up a rest. I’ve also decided to get new shoes. For whatever reason, after wearing Asics Nimbus for years, I was talked into buying a pair of Adidas during my last purchase. At first they were OK, but they seem very stiff which my feet just don’t like. I think I’m going to go back to the Nimbus. Stay tuned.

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Kona, knitting and vegan food

December 22, 2010 4 comments

1. Last week was the company holiday party. You may have read my tainted thoughts on it. Well, I’m here to say I was pleasantly surprised. One of my co-workers, who made a platter of portabello-goat cheese sandwiches on homemade rosemary-olive-oil bread, brought in a special sans-cheese one for me. I was super stocked when I realized I’d have something other than baba ghanoush to eat. Another co-worker brought in a Whole Foods vegan German black forest cake. What ? Dessert too ? I was totally floored. Totally. It turned out to be a great party and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

2. Did you watch the 2010 Ironman World Championship recap on NBC this past weekend ? No ? Well, someone’s broken it up into 10 parts and uploaded it to YouTube. Here are the links:

  • Part 01 – What ? No Chrissie ???
  • Part 02 – Missing the swim cut-off hurts. A lot.
  • Part 03 – “If you wanna be functional at 80, you better damn well pay attention at 40.” – Lew Hollander, Ironman
  • Part 04 – Is it just me or is Macca a bit arrogant ?
  • Part 05 – Ironmoms are Rockstars !!
  • Part 06 – Even though I already know the winner, I’m rooting for Julie Dibens. :-)
  • Part 07 – Mirinda Carfrae is one fast chick !
  • Part 08 – The Energy Lab sounds like hell on earth.
  • Part 09 – A bit of history repeating.
  • Part 10 – The midnight crew.

My favorite definition of the race in this video is “one long, tedious conversation with yourself.” This can be said about any endurance event and I am sure it is especially true during an Ironman.

3. So what do triathletes do in the off season ? Well, I never learned how to knit, so this weekend I went to an arts and crafts store and got myself a starter kit. Here’s all I have to show after hours of pain and frustration:

All that pain and frustration aside, I actually enjoyed the bit of knitting I did this weekend, so I will continue to work on it. My goal is to eventually knit a scarf for my mom. Don’t expect this to turn into a knitting blog, though. I barely have time to read these days so this scarf project could take all of 2011. We shall see. :-)

4. The weather seems to be holding up, so we’re going camping ! Yay ! That means we’ll be opening presents on Friday morning. Got any Christmas vegan breakfast ideas ?

5. Speaking of food, I’ve been making apple pies all season. The latest one, which we finished last night, was SO yummy, but I’d like to try something new next week. I was thinking pecan pie. I found this recipe which looks promising. What do you think ? Have you tried any other good vegan pecan pie recipes ? If so, please share !

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Cheese schleez

December 15, 2010 6 comments

1. Tomorrow is the annual company holiday party. I’ve been told that many years ago, our parties were off the hook. Things have since gone downhill. The company holiday party is now held at the office, in broad daylight. Alcohol is still served, making this event all the more creepy. Last year, food was provided (each department was given a budget and asked to buy a dish with their allocated sum). This year, we were all asked to bring in an appetizer. This, apart from shinning a big light on our company’s dismal financial situation, is a frightening thing for all the vegans in the office: yours truly. From what I’ve heard, a lot of people are bringing in what could potentially be vegan appetizers, except for all the cheese. This is absolutely, 100% fine with me, but it got me thinking. Cheese has got to be one of the unhealthiest foods and yet, people can’t seem to eat anything without it, even people who work for a diet company which is supposed to promote a healthy lifestyle ! Crazy.

2. Speaking of bad food, Geoffrey and I tried ROK:BRGR, a new burger joint that just opened downtown. It’s right next to our old “date night” spot, which killed our “dinner + movie” tradition when it decided to do away with the one vegetarian option on their menu. So, we’re beyond excited to have found this new place which has an awesome veggie burger and a great selection of craft beers. Of course, rumor has it that the movie theater will be torn down soon which could kill our tradition again. Well, we’ll just have to enjoy it while it lasts. Like, a lot.

3. My feet have been hurting SO much after each run lately. I don’t know what it is, but I hope it’s not a show stopper because I’d really like a marathon PR in February. Gah !

4. Did I mention that Geoffrey and I are planning to go camping for Christmas ? Well, the weather might kill that plan. I love the outdoors, but I don’t think Geoffrey’s 150 pound body will be enough to keep me warm when it’s 20 degrees outside and I don’t want to freeze to death. So, we’ll see.

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It’s cold ! – A weekly update.

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

1. Seriously, it’s cold. I know Floridians are often mocked for complaining about 70 degree weather, but with temperatures in the 30s, I think we’re allowed to complain a little, especially given that it was IN THE EIGHTIES just last week. The good thing about Florida, though, is that just when you start to get tired of cold weather, it disappears. It’s like magic !

2. I entered the 2011 ING NYC Marathon lottery today. The drawing doesn’t happen until March. Getting in, apart from creating lots of excitement, will also settle our out-of-town race-vacation combo dilemma. If I don’t get in, it’s back to the drawing board, which could be exciting as well.

3. This week is mellow yellow at work, in contrast with last week’s frantic mess. Things balance out.

4. Geoffrey *could* potentially have a tibial stress fracture. Ouch ! He’s putting running aside for a few weeks to see if the pain subsides and then ease back into Half Marathon training. I’ve had my share of stress fractures in the past, so I know how important it is to LET IT HEAL. Unfortunately, I also know how HARD it is to let it heal. So, I’m here to be supportive and, if need be, to hide running shoes in clever, impossible to find places. ;-) Just sayin’.

5. My fingers nearly broke off during this morning’s run (see #1 above). Hence, I have added a few items to my Amazon wish list that I never thought I would ever (EVER !) want to own. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Thanks a lot “climate change.”

6. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. No, not because of the chance at freezing my fingers off again. Geoffrey and I are going to a wine tasting at our favorite restaurant – Sublime ! Geoffrey was out of town during their last tasting so I had the pleasure of going with my lovely friend Bee. The theme was Italian that time which was great since Bee is partly Italian. We had so much wine, I mean, fun, and both ended up walking away with a bottle of the most expensive red. Unfortunately, we both agreed that it had tasted much better during the tasting. So, this time, Geoffrey has put a cap on how much we’re allowed to spend. Boo ! Anyway, the theme this time is Organic and I’m all over it. Can’t wait !

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